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When you make the decision to outsource any part of your business you are doing it with a level of Return on Investment in mind. Selecting a Payroll and Human Resource partner should be no different. Let us find the one that checks all of these boxes for you.

Administrative Efficiencies

Efficiencies are often hard to quantify. In the world of Human Capital, it should mean that all of your departments are connected and information is easily accessible. Without having all of the various disciplines under one roof, how can you be truly efficient? The answer is simple, you can’t. Your system should begin with a robust applicant tracking platform which is critical to recruiting great talent through your interview processes. Once a decision is made on the candidate, that same system should transition offer letters to electronic employee on-boarding. Seamless benefit enrollment, assessment and various employee engagement tools should all be included. Your employees want to work in a paperless world, smart phone apps, desktop logins. Give it to them.

“If you want to improve your workforce performance, you should integrate the key modules of your software suite, otherwise you may find your company spending more on IT without improving the bottom line.” (

Net Profit Protection

There are many ways profit can seep out of a business. Some are easy to see and they get the attention fast. Others can happen so gradual that it’s hard to put a number on them, especially in areas many business owners don’t think to look. These areas include government compliance. benefit services and most importantly employee liability protection. How well is your time and attendance software managing early/late punches? How much do those “minutes” add up to? Is your unemployment rate reflected accurately by your turnover? Preventing unemployment charges to your account is the cornerstone of UI cost savings.

Up to 10 minutes per day, per employee, is lost due to tardiness, long lunches and early departure” (American Payroll Association)

Enhanced Employee Engagement

Happy workers are more productive workers, it’s just a fact! Does your current partner have the platform and the benefits to maximize your employee engagement? Every employee is unique and each are motivated in different ways. For some a wide variety of benefit offerings is critical. For others it’s the ability to continually learn and grow. While some just need to have affirmation and acknowledgment from time to time. So, how are you tracking and motivating each employee in a ways that speak to them individually? Does your system have the ability to track all of these agenda’s? More importantly, is the data readily accessible and easy to decipher for your organization? If no, then your software needs an immediate upgrade.

“Employees who believe their workplace effectively uses mobile tech are more creative, satisfied, and productive at work” (Economic Unit)

Let’s find the right solution for you and your organization

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