Our pledge

Stephen ButcherPrincipal

Clarity Strategic Partners was born from my 25 year journey of experiences, relationships and quite frankly frustrations with the industry that I love.  Over my career I have had the privilege of successfully leading talented teams in sales, implementation, client service, human resources, and benefit procurement to name just a few, all with a consultative mindset.  It was throughout these experiences that I began to see an all-too-common trend of organizations settling on solutions that did not address all their needs. 

Whether it was a simple case of over promise and underdeliver or a rushed implementation, the bottom line, was that the client was left with a partnership that did not address all their needs.  Why?  Simple…  there was lack of listening, collaboration, and collective attentiveness when sold, implemented and serviced.  The providers needs were met, not those of the client.  It is not deceitful, it’s just reality. 

I would love nothing more than to draw from my experiences and knowledge, leveraging my best-in-class partners to create a long-term partnership that will help support you and your organization in formulating the right solution… for you. Whether you have already selected a partner or are looking for a new one, it’s my commitment to design a unique solution for you and your unique organization with no bias, creating a long-term partnership that truly will always have your best interests in mind.  

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