Integrated Payment Processing

Your hard work, professionalism and success should be reflected by the company you keep, the partners you trust and depend on to help your business grow.  Shouldn’t this include the partner you choose for your payment processing and integration?

Our vast network of partnerships have a proven track record of helping businesses grow.  By providing integration payment processing services, point of sale solutions, and fair credit card processing rates, our clients are free to focus on bringing their unique offering to the world. 

Customer Advantages

  • Customers use their pin-based debit or bank card for their purchases.
  • The customer has the ability to increase the size of the order – impulse buying.
  • Customers pay a small convenience fee for each transaction.
  • Convenient for the customer – no need to carry large amounts of cash.

Terminal Advantages

  • Mobile Terminals are available.
  • Online reporting tools.
  • State-of-the-art equipment.
  • PCI Compliant with EMV Chip Reader.

Merchant Advantages

  • The merchant pays only for equipment.
  • Next day deposit into the merchant’s business account.
  • Increase your value by giving customer rebates.
  • Fewer cash transactions lower crime threats.

Find the solution that fits you best

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