When consulting is a synonym for PARTNERSHIP

We decided long ago that one size does not fit all and that no two organizations are alike. Therefore, we made the decision to not try to fit ALL of our clients into one proprietary set of services. Rather, we would partner with many great organizations to find the best solution. Clarity Strategic Partners is a consulting firm with 25 years of experience that helps organizations add administrative efficiencies, enhanced employee engagement and protect net profit through an independent review of processes, technology and vendors related to Payroll, Benefits and the Human Resources.

The truth is there are many fantastic service providers to choose from. Each with different software, insurance offering and services models to discern. Making the task of finding “the one” that addresses all of your needs difficult. Clarity Strategic Partners we will help you navigate the industry’s many providers.

Our vast industry knowledge and large network of trusted partners allows us reduce the time and effort it takes to find the right long term solution. We want to be the partner that helps add efficiencies, rightsource your organization and give you the net profit protection you deserve.

Designing the right solution for you through understanding and collaboration

Compensation Management

Every year businesses pay billions of dollars in fines and penalties to the IRS. Most of which are directly related to payroll errors.

Artificial Intelligence-powered payroll wizard tools that walk you through payroll processing step-by-step, discovering and resolving potential errors before processing. For your HR team’s and employee’s usefulness alike, out of the box functionality built with the end user in mind features pay, tax, deduction, benefits and PTO reports, with general ledger interface.

This real-time payroll processing impact allows you to input data, make changes, run reports and submit payroll from wherever, whenever. Employee self-service payroll is enabled — secure anytime access to manage their information, including pay stubs, direct deposit, W-2 and other services your company offers.

Employees see the benefit through a self-service portal, witnessing the integrity of your payroll process. This company engagement connectivity ultimately translates to increased productivity and staff retention. Make sure you are maximizing your solution.

Human Resources

Whether you are looking for something as simple as a mobile-first approach or as complicated as complete organizational rightsourcing initiative, finding the perfect partner is key.

With A.I. and machine learning already effecting businesses across various functions, HR teams can now rethink their approach to recruitment, employee engagement, and L&D modules by tracking massive amounts of incoming data, automating repetitive processes, and incorporating conversational and interactive interfaces across every touch-point.

With the need for blended workforce management, integration and collaboration, HR can no longer operate in silos. Find the partner that is right for you.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are one of the biggest expenses a business deals with every year. For most, this expense is becoming more and more uncontrollable. After all, there so many options from a plan designs such as PPO’s, HMO’s, and HSA’s to name a few. Not to mention how you actually insure, i.e. self insure, fully insure, association or group plan. It can be all a little overwhelming.

Without looking in detail at ALL options each renewal, you are often taking the path of least resistance. You don’t do that with any other expense so why do it with one that is so important to your business. After all, it’s one of the biggest factors employees rate you as an employer and applicants evaluate you as a candidate.

It’s time you took a deeper look without the hassle of talking to multiple agents, carriers and vendors. Let us do the work for you.

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.”

Helen Keller

Let us provide some clarity

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