Finding Clarity

When consulting is a synonym for PARTNERSHIP

We decided long ago that one size does not fit all and that no two organizations are alike. Therefore, we made the decision to not try to fit ALL of our clients into one proprietary set of services. Rather, we would partner with many great organizations to find the best solution. Clarity Strategic Partners is a consulting firm with 25 years of experience that helps organizations add administrative efficiencies, enhanced employee engagement and protect net profit through an independent review of processes, technology and vendors related to Payroll, Benefits and the Human Resources.

The truth is there are many fantastic service providers to choose from. Each with different software, insurance offering and services models to discern. Making the task of finding “the one” that addresses all of your needs difficult. Clarity Strategic Partners we will help you navigate the industry’s many providers.

Our vast industry knowledge and large network of trusted partners allows us reduce the time and effort it takes to find the right long term solution. We want to be the partner that helps add efficiencies, rightsource your organization and give you the net profit protection you deserve.

Designing the right solution for you through understanding and collaboration

Go to Market HCM/Payroll Strategy

Need to find the best HCM/HRIS solution for your organization? An independent RFP process is the key to making an informed decision.
By identifying the best-fit technology and service solution, you can be confident that you’re making the right choice for your business.
Comparing offerings across key criteria, such as features and functionality, total cost of ownership and vendor service commitments is essential in finding the right vendor.
An unbiased and independent third-party RFP accelerates the evaluation process while helping ensure fair bidding conditions for vendors.
Ensuring that the chosen vendor is qualified, capable and truly aligns with all organizational objectives is crucial for a successful implementation.

Our expertise and experience will help you procure, negotiate and implement with maximum results.

Tactical HCM Implementation Management

Organizations that have a need for Human Capital Management (HCM) or Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) transition support find value in outsourcing their HCM/HRIS implementation. Outsourcing to an independent HCM/HRIS implementation expert can provide organizations with a long-term strategic advantage due to the expertise and flexibility of the consultant. These advantages are especially beneficial to C-levels executives who need to ensure that their company’s HR systems and processes are in line with current trends and regulations.

There are several benefits to outsourcing your organization’s HCM/HRIS implementation consulting needs, such as:

Experienced consultants who understand the complexities involved in introducing a new system into an organization. An experienced HCM/HRIS consultant will be able to quickly identify gaps and opportunities, helping to reduce the risk of failure when implementing a new system. They can also provide guidance on how best to integrate existing systems so that all data is maintained securely and efficiently.  By engaging an independent consultant, organizations can develop strategies tailored specifically for their particular situation. Additionally, consultants are often more familiar with current trends and regulations than internal staff members, allowing them to better evaluate potential solutions before they are implemented.  Moreover, by utilizing an independent consultant, organizations benefit from their experience working across multiple industries, allowing them access to innovative ideas which could potentially save time and money down the road when implementing changes related to their HR systems and processes.

Managed HCM Services

The way businesses process payroll and other HR-related services can have a profound effect on the success of their operations. From accurate payment processing to streamlining employee benefits, managed services provide business owners with unmatched efficiency for better performance and higher productivity. Not only do managed services improve the accuracy of payroll administration, but they also save much needed time and money in an increasingly competitive landscape. Additionally, these services help reduce any stress associated with navigating complex wage laws as well as providing valuable insights into top performing strategies so managers are equipped to make smart decisions. Let’s discuss how implementing these managed service solutions could be the right fit for you.

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.”

Helen Keller

Let us provide some clarity

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